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Look beyond your eyes;

I drew my cards tonight.

Fox in a box
17 August
This space is a collection of writings about many aspects of the progression and unfolding of my life. I am no flower, I am no bird. I am fox.
Simple as water and ice, and a fleeting as the whip of a wing changing direction. Air currents. Plus, my memory sucks, so what better than document it? ;)


I will write many many things in this pseudo journal, and as such, I advise any readers to start where it is usually best; the beginning.
Every detail counts.
I am transgender, and am spiritual in a way that -to me- isn't religious. I enjoy many of the things other college students enjoy doing, am more mature than I may appear at first sight, and am a therian, as the above statements might have indicated. (Ignorance isn't permanent.)
I like quiet, thinking, art, music, photography, watching people... Nature, sky, stars, trees, rustles of things happening around me while I doze contentedly in a hammock. Inspiration, drive, determination. A nice life to lead. Fulfilling, methinks.

I have lived in a complex puzzle of many different countries, have had many friend from these many countries, and sometimes, I keep in touch with them. I love to read, and spend the majority of my time on the internet.
Presently, aside from summer and other random holidays, I reside mostly full time in Smith College.
Possibly can be "diagnosed" with many a label, and I have astonishingly horridly annoying eyesight. Could seem insane at times. I also have a very ee cummings-esque way of writing.
I can be random.
I love to surprise people and joke around. Laughter is amazing.
Violins are also.

I have now piercings, and plan to eventually ink myself.
RIP Baby Boo 9/2003-27/12/2008 We loved life together.

Most of all, I am me. (it's as simple as that.)

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gray foxes are love
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I am nineteen years of age
and I am,
often absent-minded
scarcelythere but,
almost always aware of everything.
I am always scrying and seeking the glints of the mundane,
the life in every cup of tea, every breath of coolness the dew brings.
I am not quite one or the other,
I am fighting to believe, me, myself, others.
I struggle to trust, and against all reason,
I'm passionate in a quiet way,
lit by the sun
and calmed by the shade.
I am looking to be free,
and seek to tease those precious moments into infinity.


(or at least, it tries really damn hard to be.)

life is love
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